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How do certificates work?

When you purchase a Soule Decor original furniture piece, it will come with a Certificate of Authenticity laser etched onto the bottom of the piece. This certificate is used mainly when selling your piece, so that the potential buyer can verify its authenticity. The potential buyer will write down the certificate number and then email us directly. We keep a file of who purchased our piece and the certificate number attached to that buyer

What use are certificates?

The purpose of the certificates is that there are no viable counterfeit Soule Decor pieces on the market. The piece you buy from us will not decrease in value, but only go up with time. Please remember to transfer owner of the certificate if you are buying or selling!

I want to buy a Soule Decor piece, how do I verify authenticity?

Simply email us the certificate number at souledecor@gmail.com and we will reply with the owner’s full first name, and the first letter of their last name. Further information will require permission of the certificate holder. Please allow up to 24 hours for reply.

How do I transfer ownership?

In order to transfer ownership of your piece, simply email us a souledecor@gmail.com with a copy of your driver’s license and the following information about the buyer: Full Name, Address, and Telephone Number. Incomplete information requests will not be processed. Please allow up to 48 hours for transfer of certificate.