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Meet the Artist

“I started Soule Decor two years ago because I noticed a gap in the furniture market for modern consumers who demanded impeccable workmanship. Like you, I was unwilling to pay marked-up prices for poorly made furniture. I wanted to make long-lasting furniture without compromising design and quality. That’s why every product undergoes vigorous attention to detail – from handpicking raw materials so they’re not warped or damaged to the patterns of grains in the wood. Then they’re sanded down to a mirror finish before a top coat is applied. It’s a lengthy process, but I refuse to cut corners because I take pride in the work I do.”

It’s About the Planet

We handpick every material from start to finish – sustainable wood, recycled packing materials and we make the boxes we use to ship your products. We also make the most of sawdust collected from our workshop by turning it into animal bedding, compost, and other building materials.

Skillfully Crafted

Our handmade furniture is made to last because we source the finest materials available and use time-tested methods to create every piece – extra time and effort is put into the joinery and sanding process because we believe your space should be filled with unique and timeless furniture.

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